What’s plastimorph?
Imagine you can have a moldable plastic, safe, biodegradable and reusable, to create and assemble an huge quantity of products!
You have just imagined Plastimorph!
What can you do with it?
Endless possible application, you can use plastimorph alone or to join with other material!
Plastimorph it’s very easy to use:
passaggio_unoHeat it at 60°C / 140°F (in water or with an industrial heater)
passaggio_dueShape ( with bare hands or your favorite tools )
passaggio_treCool it in cold water or just wait few minutes
Add details, join other parts or finish your object.

Once cooled, it can be easily shaped again with any instrument.

And if the result is not what you expected, don’t throw it away!
You can always reheat it again and restart from the beginning!
Our bioplastic is born white, but we love colors!

You can paint it, airbrush it, or you can easily use our set of 4 color, mixing them with Plastimorph you can create endless combination of color, and they are very special, because they don’t stain you hand!

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